Friday, November 20, 2009

Hectic week

It has been a hectic week because of the group project which is currently in progress. Neglecting my blog for so long was not the thing I wanted. Well, maybe part of it was and it's because I don't know what to write. :)

Even if i'm writing about something, I'll follow what's in my mind which is the group project. I'll be complaining about everything, including my group members. :p

But it's unnecessary because I don't want to spoil my reputation through internet. Wahaha!! I left one more assignments to go and I hoping everything will be done in time. I will be presenting on my project soon, and hoping it goes well too.

Last week, I went for the Cheras Baptist Church thanks giving dinner. It was whole lot of fun. I get to know more friends and help around. It's a group of Nottingham boys becoming the Umbrella squad. We've become the shader for the church members because it's raining heavily.

We had photos and lots of laughter. The dinner was great and I've never been this excited for so long with friends around us all. I'm looking forward for more.

Group photos

I wanted to thank Our Heavenly Father, for this wonderful dinner and friends. May You bless everyone. Amen!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It has been a while I've never upload any photos into any of my post. Tonight I've posted 3 photos. It's about my Final Year Project literature review.

It's been hard to upload my photos into the blog because of slow internet connection, and I wanted to try Flickr and ended with frustration. I can't upload any of these photos. Oh well, there might be some problem which is out of my hand i guess.

Reading my journals. Table packed with stuffs.

As I've mentioned that I'm in the third year, which is my final year here. A lot of readings for my literature review. Maybe I can't find what I wanted and somehow I got more than 20 journals. -.-"

It's hard to get something related to your project because there are varieties of topic being researched by anyone in the world. You'll just have to get the important point which is related to your work.

My log book in pink, or maybe violet -.-"

So, reading one journal is not enough since this is called "Final Year Project". o.O

Anyway, these photos I've taken with my sister's Nikon D60 DSLR. It's fun to have a DSLR with professionals settings you can manually change according to the surroundings.

The above picture is the product of Aluminium block that I've machined out from workshop. First time do the machining so the surface is quite rough. :p

That's all for tonight. I need to continue my work. I'm tired now. Hm...

God bless everyone. Good night!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The day I had Nikon D60

I borrowed my sister's Nikon D60 this week. I have this passion of photography, especially the nature scenery or maybe some other things too.

I can't get my photos to upload on Flickr because of my bandwidth being eaten by other user. -.-"

I'll repost again when I'm using the internet alone. :) God Bless everyone.