Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Unforgetable memory continue...

Yes, continuing from my previous post. This time it's on Friday at ConneXion House in Semenyih. We've planned to give a surprise for Trent on the video that we've made for him. :)
Christmas Tree in ConneXion House

I went early for that afternoon trying to help to prepare for the night. I didn't really help much though, but Kai Seng gave me a tasks on making a CD cover for Trent. Sadly, i didn't take the picture of the CD but i did mention it on previous post.

Taken by Audri

Trent wasn't at home that afternoon, which I heard he went to Midvalley with Nelson. We have the chance to finalizing everything before he comes back. We had Nelson with him and we would know when he'll be back. Chiaw Min went fetching both of them at Kajang train station. Audri was with her too, so we had extra people to inform us before they come back.

Sen Loong and his camera

I was with Legend on checking the video and giving opinion on everything he did. I had fun watching the videos and some were hilarious. HaHa! I finished the cover before Trent came back. Legend however, still editing the videos. So, we went into the other room to continue the work.

Trent playing guitar

I went out early as Legend finishes the editing. Most of them were preparing the food and drinks. I tried to help out, and eventually I was standing there and walk around. Sorry~ >.<>

Trent before watching the video :p

So, it's 8pm and we started our night after everyone reaches. We all had our dinner first, while enjoying the food, we all chit-chat among ourselves. Once everyone finished their dinner, we started our video. We told Trent that we'll be watching Ninja, a new movie which came out few week ago but what we actually did is showing the "Thank you" video first.

Emotional, and touching video =)

Some of us watched the video, and some were watching Trent. It was an emotional video, even myself cried. T_T But, that was nothing because it's the memory we're talking about. Trent too dropped his tears, but not sure about others. It was embarrassing for me to be crying. OMG!

Watching "Thank you" video

Audri's turn on the "Thank you" video

After the video, Nelson presents the CD to Trent. Everyone hugged Trent for the last time.

Nelson and Trent

Kai Seng and Trent

Sen Loong and Trent

Drake and Trent

Zi Jian and Trent

Maurice and Trent

Osama and Trent

Sarah and Trent

Strong Isaac and Trent

Hannah and Trent

Tung and Trent

Ann and Trent

Chiaw Min and Trent

After all the hugs, each of us took a picture with Trent. Everyone poses and it was fun. :)

The iTouch gang

Trent posing as Adam as he went early for Christmas practice

Kai Seng and Trent (What's with the bag? HaHa!)


Me and Trent

Ann, Trent and Tung

Shen emo-ing :p

We had our group photo before Sarah and Hannah went back. We had a lot of fun time together.

Serious group photo

Will be updating again. Looking towards for tonight's bible study as Trent will be back for gift exchange. It'll be his final farewell gathering.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Unforgetable memory

It's been fun for the past few weeks. Having Trent as our bible study teacher for every Wednesday was fun. All in all, I learnt a lot from him. Getting to know God, frisbee, and story back in Mississippi, in the US. :p

Hands in for Group cheer!

Frisbee was fun actually, running hard to catch the disk. I haven been so active for quite some time for sports. The only sports I play is badminton. After frisbee, I got body ache. Muscle cramp and tired. But it was all fun. Muscle pain is where you stretch your muscle and it can built muscles. :D

Line up for the first match

Before the actually competition, we had our practice. Every Sunday at the uni's sport complex. Being called a Mashimaro (rabbit) was frustrating because I can't sprint like a rabbit. Haha! Just kidding.

Trent lecturing us, for not doing well :p

I had my badminton shoes for the competition. I thought it would be sunny before the competition. In the end, the field was soak with water and it's muddy. I can't run well because it was slippery. Blame myself for not buying outdoor shoe. Badminton shoe was meant for indoors. Not outdoor! The shoe spoiled now, and somehow it's worth it.

Trent's frustrating look? :p

First match was horrible, because our team are fighting against the best frisbee team. They had their strategy, and we're all clogged together not sure where to run, not sure what's the best way. We didn't really train much though.

Stretching before the game

Most of the goal were by Nelson, Trent and Audri. And also Drake. Some weren't running well as mentioned by Trent, they're looking on the ground and not the disk. HaHa! Actually, since it's muddy it would be slippery. But i guess, playing frisbess is to get all wet and muddy. Doing layout on the muddy field looks fun, for those who likes doing it.

Audri with his sprain ankle

We won the second match though, and the final match. I sprint more for the final match because I borrowed Audri's shoe. There's more grip on the ground and I tried my best to get to the goal. I goal once, and it's very tiring because of my bad stamina. During the match, something happened. Ann's iphone got stolen. Some of us were little bit down and tried to search for her phone. Maxis can't help, and it's just like that. Poof~ Gone. The third match was bad. Some got scolded, shouted at. But it was nothing because we know the intense feeling for us to win. We're fine with it. And at least everyone had fun.

ConneXion Semenyih!

I had fun, we had fun. We got 7th place, and it wasn't too bad for me because we only had like 2 real practice on the field.

Trent smiling :)

It's great having Trent with us here in ConneXion Semenyih. Honestly, it was the most enjoyable year for me as I'm in the final year now. I remembered the encouragement gave by Trent, "Run rabbit run!!" HaHa! It was hilarious.

The above picture was the CD cover we did for Trent! By Me! Yay~ :D

I tried taking photos, creating a memory for ConneXion gang using Nikon D60, which was borrowed from my sister. I learnt to take pictures, I learnt photography from Sen Loong. It was fun too.

Kai Seng emo-ing.. :p JK!

We had dinner after the game, but Trent wasn't with us because he followed the other car. Had a full dinner and we went back home to ConneXion house first.

After dinner

We did a video for Trent, which we kept it secret from him. Because we wanted to show him our appreciation that he teaches us in bible study and had a great fun together!!

Audri singing "Sentuh Hatiku" as one of the background song in the video. :)

Click the link below to watch the video that we did for Trent. :)

Part 1 and part 2 is the Thank you video from each and everyone of the ConneXion house members. The Goofball song was done by everyone too. (Thanks to Kai Seng for the upload)

More update soon (If i get a good internet connection to upload the pictures. :D)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Life and Family

Life is just too short. Little by little, days by days passing by. We just don't spend enough time with our family.

Family is all we have. It can't be replaced with money. It's even more valuable than money. Even if you earn millions in a month, do you have the love? Do you have a family? It's pointless having such big amount of money without "anything" which is rare. There's only one family, and none can replace that.

Parents, brothers and sisters. Appreciate the moment you are with them. If it's unavoidable, at least make one call back home and go back visit and stay for few weeks.

The bond is always there, and you can't break it. Nothing can replace that bond. Facing the pain of a lost ones is cruel. That is where you have to appreciate them, even if they punch you in the face, or kick you out of the house.

Praying for those to lost their family members. Be strong! God will always be there for you! God bless!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hectic week

It has been a hectic week because of the group project which is currently in progress. Neglecting my blog for so long was not the thing I wanted. Well, maybe part of it was and it's because I don't know what to write. :)

Even if i'm writing about something, I'll follow what's in my mind which is the group project. I'll be complaining about everything, including my group members. :p

But it's unnecessary because I don't want to spoil my reputation through internet. Wahaha!! I left one more assignments to go and I hoping everything will be done in time. I will be presenting on my project soon, and hoping it goes well too.

Last week, I went for the Cheras Baptist Church thanks giving dinner. It was whole lot of fun. I get to know more friends and help around. It's a group of Nottingham boys becoming the Umbrella squad. We've become the shader for the church members because it's raining heavily.

We had photos and lots of laughter. The dinner was great and I've never been this excited for so long with friends around us all. I'm looking forward for more.

Group photos

I wanted to thank Our Heavenly Father, for this wonderful dinner and friends. May You bless everyone. Amen!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It has been a while I've never upload any photos into any of my post. Tonight I've posted 3 photos. It's about my Final Year Project literature review.

It's been hard to upload my photos into the blog because of slow internet connection, and I wanted to try Flickr and ended with frustration. I can't upload any of these photos. Oh well, there might be some problem which is out of my hand i guess.

Reading my journals. Table packed with stuffs.

As I've mentioned that I'm in the third year, which is my final year here. A lot of readings for my literature review. Maybe I can't find what I wanted and somehow I got more than 20 journals. -.-"

It's hard to get something related to your project because there are varieties of topic being researched by anyone in the world. You'll just have to get the important point which is related to your work.

My log book in pink, or maybe violet -.-"

So, reading one journal is not enough since this is called "Final Year Project". o.O

Anyway, these photos I've taken with my sister's Nikon D60 DSLR. It's fun to have a DSLR with professionals settings you can manually change according to the surroundings.

The above picture is the product of Aluminium block that I've machined out from workshop. First time do the machining so the surface is quite rough. :p

That's all for tonight. I need to continue my work. I'm tired now. Hm...

God bless everyone. Good night!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The day I had Nikon D60

I borrowed my sister's Nikon D60 this week. I have this passion of photography, especially the nature scenery or maybe some other things too.

I can't get my photos to upload on Flickr because of my bandwidth being eaten by other user. -.-"

I'll repost again when I'm using the internet alone. :) God Bless everyone.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Saturday, weekend. What would you do if you fed up doing the same thing everyday? Me? I ended up playing games, facebook and movie. -.-"

As usual, every morning i woke up early sleeping less than 8 hours. That's my routine night sleep. :p You know why i sleep less than 8 hours? Because my neighbour is renovating his house. Drills, and knocking on the walls.

Every single day, it's like an alarm clock for me. An artificial ones. Swt.. -.-"

Anyway, I'm not going to church this week. My sister is coming and i'll be staying at her place. She booked new condo here and i'll be checking her house later. Yay! I got a house to stay in KL! :D

Have fun to everyone that i know in church. I'll miss it. HeHe!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sorry for not updating my blog. Somehow I can't find anything to write in here. There's a lot of interesting stories around, but I just can't get any title for some post. I ended up doing other stuff.

Well, I just update what I wanted to say here. Somehow I wanted to talk about something here but in the end, I wrote this. -.-"

Great day ahead for this weekend to everyone. Have fun.

I know I won't. o.O

Friday, October 23, 2009

ConneXion Semenyih Night!

Just came back from the ConneXion House. We had ice-cream sundae night! But I came late because I was thinking of not going. But Kai Seng called so I went in the end. By cycling.

It was tiring!! Going to the ConneXion House wasn't that tiring, but going back to my house is really tiring. I'm forcing myself to cycle hard without stopping because it's quite late where the road is very dark. Only part of the road was lighten with the road light.

It's not that I'm scared of the dark. It's the people I'm scared of. I'm scared of people robbing me, and etc (Don't really want to mention bad things though. :p). I got sore knee and I can't breath properly. Man, I'm too weak in terms of my stamina. Had to change my lifestyle somehow.

Anyway, we had fun tonight where we're playing guessing a word game by using actions. It was hilarious. Everyone had fun tonight with all the laughters around. :)

God bless everyone. Good night. :)

Gabai Waterfall tomorrow!!! (Saturday, 24th Oct)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Assignments, project, FYP

Never thought the time passes so quickly. Fourth week of the semester already and mostly were focusing on my final year project. Doing some literature review for now. Yesterday me and my group were doing ProE for our group design project.

A mechanical durian opener. -.-

Sadly to say, there's a lot of constrain given by our supervisor. But that is good and we're trying to improve more on it. Hey, that's how design works. We keep designing our product until it satisfies our customer.

It's not easy though. Constrains!

Sometimes i had fun with the assignments, sometimes i hate them. :) But once it's all done, you'll felt relieved.

Anyway, it's just a random post. Nothing much to say too. Going for Gabai Waterfall this weekend with fellow friends in bible study group.

Good day ahead. =)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Internet is back!!

Yeah, it's Sunday and my house internet is working! I'm sure how I felt today but i felt happy. I don't really know how to express it in words.

It's my first time going to Baptist Church at Cheras today, and I am happy! It's not like how I felt before. Every time when some of my friends back at my hometown asked me to go to church, I rejected them.

Today, that's not how I felt. I'm happy. :D

Anyway, God is good all the time. And all the time the God is good. :) God bless everyone.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Final Year in Nottingham

I never did mention it to myself, that I'm in the final year for my degree. I'm lack of motivation when it comes to books, and notes. I got carried away with some other temptation, like Facebook, forums, Lowyat, YouTube, and some little games.

Recently I tried to get myself to sleep early between 12am to 1am. Well, it's midnight already so I won't consider this as early. It's just to prevent myself from falling asleep in the class whereby I need enough rest to keep myself awake in the next morning.

Since it's the final year here in Semenyih, I somehow do feel sad leaving here although it's months away before graduating. That is of course if I don't fail or something.

It's the same feeling when your leaving primary school and secondary school. I missed the old days. With friends around, we're all happy.

Anyway, it's the final year so good luck to everyone if it's their final year. (Why do i talk as if I'm leaving soon? -.-") Oh well, this is blogging. :D

Thursday, October 8, 2009


It has been a tired day for me. This morning, an early morning, I went to the sports complex for badminton with my course mate. I've never been playing badminton for quite some times already. 4 months to be exact.

Since summer holiday I've never thought of do any exercises when I'm helping my dad in the office. Honestly, what I thought was if I sweat from working at my dad's office I'll be okay. I'm just an office boy by the way, which sometimes it's a hard work because it involves heavy machinery parts.

But that wasn't the case, because after I tried playing badminton today I got tired after playing for just half an hour. My stamina dropped, A LOT!

Now I'm experiencing body ache and the tiredness, and somehow I felt my sentences are all weird. o.O

My racket string broke and ended up borrowing my friends racket. We manage to play a great game today. Well, I've missed a lot of ball though and felt a little bit sorry for Adam. Wahaha!

Overall, it was a great game. At least for me it is. :)


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sometimes, I'm just too quiet. Too quiet till some people think I'm a strange kind of person. I don't talk much. Hm.

Embarrassed myself in front of the people in the bible study group which I don't know what to show to everyone. Sad eh? :)


Sunday, October 4, 2009

One week in West Malaysia

One week passed quickly without you knowing it. It's my third year here in Semenyih. Nothing much happened except for myself stressed out for my final year project and the optional module that I'm taking this year.

Being quite worried for the final year project, or was it just me? Sometimes, I'm thinking about myself on how I'm going to go through all these stresses. Hoping that God show me the way.

I can't handle any stress for some reason, and that maybe because of my bad temper. I tried so hard to change, but I can't see myself improving. Maybe I'm too far away from God.

Yea, I think I am far away. This year I'm just hoping to finish everything early.

Hope it goes well. :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

ConneXion Semenyih

It's Friday and I've been invited to ConneXion in Semenyih by one of my coursemate Adam. I don't really know how to describe what does ConneXion do. Maybe my friend Adam can describe it to you once he updated his blog. I'm assuming he'll update his blog once he goes back home. HeHe.

Maybe I'll give an idea how does ConneXion works. It's basically a place where we brothers and sisters in the name of Christ gathered together to have fun, play, chit-chatting and many more. Not only we, but also everyone is invited. Today is the opening of ConneXion Semenyih and there are a lot of other members of ConneXion from Bandar Utama came, and there's others too which i don't quite remember.

That's what I had in mind to describe it, and maybe Adam will describe it better. We had our ice breaking ceremony by breaking the real ice, where a T-Shirt was freezed with water. We need to break the ice and wear that T-Shirt as soon as possible.

The ice was too hard to break, which everyone of us were banging the ice on the road. It was fun. :p

After that we prayed, and had our dinner. I was wondering around seeing and listening to people chatting. I was introduced to a friend which also came from Miri. What a small world it is.

Time goes by, and everyone played Mafia. I joined in as well. Eventually i came back home early, because the university's bus stop operating at 10.30p.m. So Shen Long, which is a member of ConneXion Semenyih fetched me back.

I came back too early, and i wanted to have more fun. HaHa. Never had any fun for a long time ever since i went back to Miri and came back here. I need to get a bicycle here so it's easier next time.

Hoping more to come for ConneXion. =)

God bless everyone tonight!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Internet problem

Had a problem with my internet connection since last Saturday. Well, it wasn't just me who faced this problem. Most people in Sarawak and Sabah experiencing this slow browsing connection.

The only way i can use internet is at my dad's office. I THINK, the internet is back to normal now. Hopefully no other trouble already. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept. 11, the day that changed the world

I didn't realize it's September 11. The incident where it changes the world. The World Trade Center's twin tower collapsed, an attacked by Al-Qaeda terrorists. 4 planes were hijacked on that morning where 2 planes crashed into the twin tower, 1 plane crashed into the Pentagon and the last one crashed onto the ground at Pennsylvania.

This inhuman act by the terrorist planned on mass murder against the United States of America causes 2,974 death with 24 listed as missing.

I was watching the History Channel on Astro titled "102 Minutes That Changed America" now, and it's still a disturbing scene to me, and even the whole world.

I still remembered that particular night where it's almost midnight, my parents was in the living room, watching live coverage on the tower being attacked. I was in the living room too, stunned by the news.

I felt the insecurity in me, looking at what was happening. I stayed up for a few hours watching the news curious on what had happened. I can't believe it even i watched it before my eyes that this is happening.

The attack causes suffering and sadness among the people. Their loved ones, the people working inside the World Trade Center, the firemens, the police, and the people outside died in the collapsed tower.

Before the tower collapse, the people in the World Trade Center tried to save themselves. The elevator doesn't work and they were forced to walk down using stairs. The Pentagon was being attacked next, and the last plane which was aiming at the White House crashed onto the ground.

It was heard through the blackbox of the last plane that the passengers fight back at the terrorist. Screaming, and banging at the cockpit door were heard. Their bravery, shown that they are fighting for their lives and their loved ones.

This incident was never expected to happen, thousands of people died. What had happened to this world? War happens everywhere, and even we humans cannot stop it. Mass murderer terrorist should be punished for their inhuman act.

It's still a sad day. Whenever i think back, i always ask myself where's God? Why does this happen to the innocent people? Does it happen for a reason? We won't know the answer.

In the memories of the people who past away. We will always remember this incident, and the terrorist will be judged one day.

Good night.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The final year project title was released yesterday. The title I chose were taken. Resent another email to my lecturer this afternoon again on choosing a new title recommended by the lecturer. Hoping the one i chose the second time are not taken by other people.

Hoping to get the title I've chosen today.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's another weekend. The day ends quickly. Didn't do much other than online and watching TV. Can't find a way to do something. It's been a daily lifestyle for me now.

Came back from work, watch TV, online and then sleep. That's all. Nothing much interesting i would say. It's been boring, but it's not that actual meaning of boring.

During study year in KL, I've been complaining there's not much time left to study for exam. It's stressful with more than 5 units with be in the final exam. Now, it's summer holiday I've been complaining of being boring. Now, 2 weeks plus left in Miri i felt that time flies.

This is the life. It would always continue with the same thing, unless your making your life interesting. It's final year for me and the final year project title will be sent to every student next Tuesday.

Hoping to choose something easy, and pass everything for my final year. Had a thought of going for work and travel to U.S, but it might interfere with my graduation day. See how everything goes, and hope to decide sooner.

It will be a great experience going to U.S. to work for 3 to 4 months. Anyway, it's just a thought for now. It might happen, or it might not. =)

It's late now. Good night.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Word speaks louder than action?

Did i get the title correct? Hm, never mind about it. I think you guys would know what I'm trying to say here. People tend to talk more than action. That's the fact that we all need to face.

Dream and reality are two different thing. We can't mixed both together. Well, maybe you can for some. We all dreamed of something, cars, big houses, money and etc. In reality, how would you try to get these properties?

Firstly of course you need money. Without money, everything that you've said are just bunch of crap. Dreaming! I don't think there's a point to talk nonsense about what you wanted to buy or what you wanted to have in your life.

It's a serious talk about how to earn that money. How to really manage your financial. That is reality. Talking about buying sport car all the time, but do you really think of how to earn money first?

Maybe I'm just being "kepo" and what I've heard from a friend. HaHa! I'm fine with that. But reality is what we really need to face and not by dreaming. Yes, i know dreamed about getting something you wanted is what we do. Heck, i do it all the time. =P

But i said it to myself, reality comes first. Money comes first. Maybe dreaming about getting something urge us to strive more on our lives to earn that pocket money? Yea, i agree with that.

Well, we should just let it be natural. Sometimes we just can't bother much about it, selfish is the attitude people have. All you have to do is just keep quiet and just live on your life. :)

Anyway, for those who reads my blog or even open it before i wanted to ask you guys about the new introduced fuel RON95. I wanted to hear your opinions about it. I found out that there's not much power of the engine compared to last time. How about the fuel consumption? Does it used more or less? I heard from my friend it uses a lot more fuel than before.

I would agree to that too. I found out too that the fuel consumption increases. What's your opinion? :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rainy day

It's a cold weather today. The rain started pouring the ground in the early morning and ended around in the evening. It's cold, and comfortable day for sleeping. Fell asleep twice in the office when i'm sitting, staring at the sky again, watching the rain silently.

The sky changes from clear to dark sky every few hours as the rain kept coming non-stop. Until the evening, the rain stopped. Tonight, the moon shines the sky with cool wind blowing. It's a calm feeling.

A few stars twinkling in the sky, showing you how beautiful the universe is.

God has spoken:
God didn't promise days without pain,
laughter without sorrow,
sun without rain.
But He did promise strength for the day,
comfort for the tears,
and light for the way.

A share of message for everyone. Thanks to my friend Garry. =)


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday night out

Had a night out with my friends Wang Huat and Cheryl just now. We had our dinner at KFC Parkson and played bowling. This is my first time playing, and not bad I would say. First game won by Cheryl, with my being the last one. :p Second game i won! Woohoo~ It is fun playing with friends.

Each of us looking for a strike. Honestly, it is hard to get a strike. The best throw I've ever did just now was 9 pins were down. Can't get any strike at all. Cheryl and Wang Huat did a strike, and they are pro as ever. HeHe! Nice game guys. :)

I would like to share something with you guys. Escala, a group of instrumental player by 4 lovely ladies. Escala won the British Got Talent show, and this year they had their first album.

It's a nice song. Requiem for a Tower.
Enjoy. =)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can't find any purpose of blogging. It's not that fun already. Well, this is how i felt before i really stop blogging before. Not the right time i guess. Having a need to finish my studies first, before i am really into blogging.

I have a wish list which I'm aiming to get after I'm working:

- DSLR Camera
- New cellphone, preferably iPhone (Humans just love exotic goods, quoted by a friend. :D )
- Gaming desktop
- MAC laptop
- Wristwatch

Probably, just that few items for now. Greed~ Hehe!

My purpose of getting a DSLR camera of course it's for blogging. It is a new experience handling with DSLR camera with high definition images. I tried one from my sisters, and it's fun.

But it's not a small amount of money we're talking here. Profesionals dealing it with 10 to 20k, for the body and the lenses. Depends on which brand your using. Taking a picture of the surrounding, especially the nature. That is where we can see how beautiful the nature is.

Beautiful sunsets, skies, forest, the stars, and etc. Shooting a memory of the world, is where we find it how God created the Earth for us all to appreciate every single part of it. I intend to travel to places, showing everyone the beauty of Gods creation.

Yeah, can't be more specific than that. :)

Sharing is caring as what people said. You won't lose a thing sharing Gods creation to the world, other than waste that money buying a good DSLR camera. Hehe! But hey, there's no regret as God is number one in the world for me. :)

Anyway, been thinking of iPhone for days already. I love the speed response of the touch screen. But it's too pricey for me. Even Maxis selling it for RM2490 without contract. Maybe not now, but i will get it one day.

Life comes interesting when there's money. Without any, there's just too many trouble which may happen. One of it is, a boring life. Haha! This is what i'm facing everyday. Sitting around the office, only to stare at the sky. No iPhones. No iPod Touch. Nothing.

Pricey items comes with great commitment, depends on how your dealing it with. Eventually, i will try to own maybe some of the items in my wish list. People are greedy, and so am i. HeHeHe! Evil~~~ :p

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Do you ever think of how one's person life would be? When i thought through my life compared to other people, it's unfair. Either it's for me or for the others.

Being fair or unfair, the only i can say is this is the life. You can't do anything about it. Everything you thought of going smooth or the way you wanted, turns out to be opposite.

You can't expect anyone to treat you nicely, you can't expect good news everyday. There is ups and downs. There is where friends come and go.

This is the life you have to face. When your in kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school you won't see any of this. Well, there might be a little during secondary. But not as many as when you go on university, and work.

Backstabbing is one of the things that will happen to you where ever you go. Depends on how and what you do. People would do anything to satisfy their feelings of seeing you suffer being alone without friends. Selfishness happens. They wanted to keep everything themselves.

I believed in Karma, which says the good or bad things that you did before, it's either you'll be rewarded or be punished. Well, that is what might happen or might not.

Things happen, and all you have to do is being good towards others. But still, it's unfair. It's hard to explain here. A complicated case. I think you'll know once you face it.

One more month to go before start my third year in KL. Hope everything goes well.
Good night.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's a beautiful and clear blue sky today. The haze has stopped for the past few days. Thank God it's raining, and if its not because of the rain the condition will be worsen.

It rained throughout the night, and it's cold. Never had this kind of weather since i came back Miri.

Sorry for no updating because nothing interesting happen. Without any pictures too. A month time left in Miri before flying back to KL.

Nothing much to say. Selamat berpuasa to all of my Muslim friend. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nothing to blog about. Been thinking quite a lot lately. Bad things happened, good things happened. Now i felt, being back in Miri wasn't so fun anymore. Maybe Miri is only a home for me. Not a place where you have friends or something.

I'm thinking, should i come back next year Chinese New Year? Thinking of not to come back, because it's quite a lonely place now. But, i should come back for a reunion dinner with family. Yeah, i'll just come back for family reunion dinner. That's all. No visitting anywhere. Even there is, only less than 5 houses.

Thinking of finding a new place to stay after graduate. KL would be the first choice, and maybe Brunei will be the second choice. Who knows. See how everything goes. Hoping a better tomorrow, which it usually won't come for me. Sad... Emo post. HaHa!

Nights everyone. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Post

Hey, didn't really get to update for the past few days. Felt lazy to update because i don't know what to write. Partly from it, i don't have any interesting story or something. It's the same old thing that i do everyday. That is why i stopped blogging last time.

Anyway, yesterday (Wednesday) my dad and I went for chendol in the afternoon. It's quite a busy and crowded place because of the popularity of that small cafe for its chendol. Well, as i've been in KL for the past 2 years studying i've tasted the best somewhere near my uni at Broga. :)

For now, that's the best i've tasted.

Okay, continue with my story. While waiting for my dad doing the ticketing for the parking lot, i went booking for a place first. We had our order already and have a little talk. A few minutes later, we all heard a window pane being broken.

It's a car next to my dads where there's one guy broken a left side window trying to steal something inside. I heard it, i stood up and walked near that guy. I shouted " Oi!! ". He didn't run and he still checking around the car. Well, i don't dare to walk nearer and scared he might hit me or something.

Luckily, there's 2 guy from the next of my table which are the police, stood up ran towards the thief. The thief went up to a motorcycle of his friends. Raving the motorcycle as the police kept chasing them.

After a few minutes, the 2 policeman came back saying that they ran away. Live show man~ Haha!

Really can't believe it that in a broad daylight, they were brave enough to smash the car trying to steal something. It is a warning to everyone here that you cannot keep your important stuff inside the car.

It is a must to keep everything together with you where ever you go. Do keep in mind guys. :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hot, haze, hazard, health

It's been days where haze surrounds Miri. Thick fog coverred Miri with strong smell, and blazing sun rays shining through it. It's hot, and i'm sweating even when myself doing nothing at all.

Wondering where is Bomba, aren't they doing anything about this? Those who starts open burning, do they even care? When the safety level worsen, where's the government?

I can't stand this hot weather, and so does the others. Seeing windy and cloudy scene just now, hoping for the raindrop. But there's no rain. Being happily saying it'll rain tonight but it shown false hope.

Hoping for rain for the next few days with decreasing level of haze.

A sad news for myself, i can't buy IPod touch. After counted every single money i have to use during my third year, it not enough. Sad... T_T

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Had a dinner with my dad on a small event carried out by a friend of my dads. Wasn't interested on the speech which i thought i would be thinking of eating only. Besides, it's a free dinner. :p

We sat on a perfect place for the talk just now, until we're being asked to move to the other table. I wasn't happy about it. Couple of children on that table was so annoying. Having every dishes that came out, both of them would pull it towards them and make a fuss out of it.

Okay, i don't mind when they do that. Seeing them as a brat, i don't argue with that. One of the children sneezed her brother. I was like, "What the hell! I'm sitting beside, you f*cking brat!" I was so angry that i kept staring at them. Even the father never do a thing. My dad too complained to me saying that children are very annoying and no manners at all.

Me and my dad went off early, maybe because of that brat. HaHa! I came down again seeing my friends. Another friend of mine graduated already. We all talked a lot about the past and jokes. It's really have been fun being around with friends.

Socializing with the people surrounding us is fun especially with friends together. Jokes never end and it keeps on going. I was trying to socilize around with people now and change myself being not too quiet. People tend to find me too boring, and even myself too find myself being too boring. HeHeHe~~~

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Random Post

It's hazy and windy Sunday. Still don't feel well from my sprained neck and shoulder. A friend called me in the morning while i was still asleep inviting me for a lunch before he go back to Brunei. Had a lot of chit-chatting. Went back around 1 something and do what i always do. Online. Facebook. MSN. That's all. :)

I ended my weekend by washing the car. Weekly must-do-chores. :) It's nearly dark, and i looked up to my house roof. I saw a pair of dove with a moon shining down its light.

Below is a close shot of the dove. This is the first time i saw a pair of dove sitting side by side on the roof. Lovely eh? :)

It's quite dark as you can see from below. The car is sparkling clean with messy water hose on the floor.

Lastly, i wanted to show you a video by Yasmin Ahmad, which recently pass away.

The children treats everyone as friends and nothing more. While i reflected back about my past during primary school, and yes it's the same as the video. I had a lot of friends without knowing their races. As much for me, i don't care about what races they are.

What i only know is, we're all Malaysian and we're friends no matter where we are. We should keep it that way. :) Yasmin Ahmad, we will remember your messages always.