Friday, September 17, 2010

A day without doing anything useful

It’s a rainy day.

Woke up quite early because of my phone’s alarm. Snoozing it quite a few times. Hm, wait I snoozed my phone from 9am till 10am. Adui~ xD

The actual plan for today was to go to Lowyat. But turns out raining earlier and change the plan to Sunday.

Does any of you ever thought of why something happened on you? As in, if something happened do you turn to God askin why it happened or do you turn to yourself asking was it your fault?

A question that’s have been in my mind for quite sometime already.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Windows Live Messenger 2011 Beta

I’m using one of the application that is an option to download and install. I’m trying out now to post this up and see if it stays the same or whatsoever.



Voila~ I’m using it now and this is my post! This is fun! xD

By the way, this application is called Windows Live Writer Beta! Try it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I don't understand sometimes when people come chatting with me, they always involve "money". It involves my financial status which include my family background.

Sincerely speaking, I've always hated people always said something like "Wah, so rich!" Or, "Your dad sure sponsor one la!", Or "Don't act la!". You think everything can be solve with money is it?! Grow up la!

IF I am THAT RICH, I wouldn't be seeing you here in Malaysia for 3 years. Some even went to UK to study and where am I? I'm in MALAYSIA! I have difficulties myself which people don't understand. Why wouldn't you said something like that to those who bought a lot of stuff, without thinking of their own financial background?

I work, I earn my own money. I don't depend on other people. I went looking for job, I have to think of the expenses. I buy stuffs for breakfast, lunch or dinner, I have to think of how much is the food! Do you think I'm like some who spend their money without thinking of how hard my parents earn that money?

I did that all the time! To release my parents burden I have to think of other ways to reduce the expenses. Why don't you call those big tycoon boss as rich people rather than splatting you words at me saying me this and that?

I'm just trying to say that I don't want to burden my parents with money now by borrowing money to buy a transportation or something else here in KL. I would rather earn my own money to buy one!

Again, I am not acting being poor or anything! I'm just thinking on behalf of my family financial background. I just wanted to humble myself but still some still wanted to throw everything at me.

If I offended anyone here, you think for yourself here. I respect everyone but you who said me that way.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Well, it's decided. I'm going back on 8th October. Wasn't a sudden plan though because I have been thinking quite a lot. Since my dad wanted me to go back, then I have no other choice.

I can imagine when I go back, "What would I do? Which church I'm going? Will I find any jobs in Miri?" The first thing is most probably stay at home until any of my friends call me out. Well, that is IF I have any friends. Do I?

A lot of questions in my mind. Booked MAS Airline because I love the architecture of KLIA. Blah~ Just kidding. It's just the service I love about it. Not saying I'm rich or something, but it's the cheap fare.

Have a doubt on getting myself an iPod Touch 4G. Still deciding on getting one or not. xD