Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Internet problem

Had a problem with my internet connection since last Saturday. Well, it wasn't just me who faced this problem. Most people in Sarawak and Sabah experiencing this slow browsing connection.

The only way i can use internet is at my dad's office. I THINK, the internet is back to normal now. Hopefully no other trouble already. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept. 11, the day that changed the world

I didn't realize it's September 11. The incident where it changes the world. The World Trade Center's twin tower collapsed, an attacked by Al-Qaeda terrorists. 4 planes were hijacked on that morning where 2 planes crashed into the twin tower, 1 plane crashed into the Pentagon and the last one crashed onto the ground at Pennsylvania.

This inhuman act by the terrorist planned on mass murder against the United States of America causes 2,974 death with 24 listed as missing.

I was watching the History Channel on Astro titled "102 Minutes That Changed America" now, and it's still a disturbing scene to me, and even the whole world.

I still remembered that particular night where it's almost midnight, my parents was in the living room, watching live coverage on the tower being attacked. I was in the living room too, stunned by the news.

I felt the insecurity in me, looking at what was happening. I stayed up for a few hours watching the news curious on what had happened. I can't believe it even i watched it before my eyes that this is happening.

The attack causes suffering and sadness among the people. Their loved ones, the people working inside the World Trade Center, the firemens, the police, and the people outside died in the collapsed tower.

Before the tower collapse, the people in the World Trade Center tried to save themselves. The elevator doesn't work and they were forced to walk down using stairs. The Pentagon was being attacked next, and the last plane which was aiming at the White House crashed onto the ground.

It was heard through the blackbox of the last plane that the passengers fight back at the terrorist. Screaming, and banging at the cockpit door were heard. Their bravery, shown that they are fighting for their lives and their loved ones.

This incident was never expected to happen, thousands of people died. What had happened to this world? War happens everywhere, and even we humans cannot stop it. Mass murderer terrorist should be punished for their inhuman act.

It's still a sad day. Whenever i think back, i always ask myself where's God? Why does this happen to the innocent people? Does it happen for a reason? We won't know the answer.

In the memories of the people who past away. We will always remember this incident, and the terrorist will be judged one day.

Good night.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The final year project title was released yesterday. The title I chose were taken. Resent another email to my lecturer this afternoon again on choosing a new title recommended by the lecturer. Hoping the one i chose the second time are not taken by other people.

Hoping to get the title I've chosen today.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's another weekend. The day ends quickly. Didn't do much other than online and watching TV. Can't find a way to do something. It's been a daily lifestyle for me now.

Came back from work, watch TV, online and then sleep. That's all. Nothing much interesting i would say. It's been boring, but it's not that actual meaning of boring.

During study year in KL, I've been complaining there's not much time left to study for exam. It's stressful with more than 5 units with be in the final exam. Now, it's summer holiday I've been complaining of being boring. Now, 2 weeks plus left in Miri i felt that time flies.

This is the life. It would always continue with the same thing, unless your making your life interesting. It's final year for me and the final year project title will be sent to every student next Tuesday.

Hoping to choose something easy, and pass everything for my final year. Had a thought of going for work and travel to U.S, but it might interfere with my graduation day. See how everything goes, and hope to decide sooner.

It will be a great experience going to U.S. to work for 3 to 4 months. Anyway, it's just a thought for now. It might happen, or it might not. =)

It's late now. Good night.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Word speaks louder than action?

Did i get the title correct? Hm, never mind about it. I think you guys would know what I'm trying to say here. People tend to talk more than action. That's the fact that we all need to face.

Dream and reality are two different thing. We can't mixed both together. Well, maybe you can for some. We all dreamed of something, cars, big houses, money and etc. In reality, how would you try to get these properties?

Firstly of course you need money. Without money, everything that you've said are just bunch of crap. Dreaming! I don't think there's a point to talk nonsense about what you wanted to buy or what you wanted to have in your life.

It's a serious talk about how to earn that money. How to really manage your financial. That is reality. Talking about buying sport car all the time, but do you really think of how to earn money first?

Maybe I'm just being "kepo" and what I've heard from a friend. HaHa! I'm fine with that. But reality is what we really need to face and not by dreaming. Yes, i know dreamed about getting something you wanted is what we do. Heck, i do it all the time. =P

But i said it to myself, reality comes first. Money comes first. Maybe dreaming about getting something urge us to strive more on our lives to earn that pocket money? Yea, i agree with that.

Well, we should just let it be natural. Sometimes we just can't bother much about it, selfish is the attitude people have. All you have to do is just keep quiet and just live on your life. :)

Anyway, for those who reads my blog or even open it before i wanted to ask you guys about the new introduced fuel RON95. I wanted to hear your opinions about it. I found out that there's not much power of the engine compared to last time. How about the fuel consumption? Does it used more or less? I heard from my friend it uses a lot more fuel than before.

I would agree to that too. I found out too that the fuel consumption increases. What's your opinion? :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rainy day

It's a cold weather today. The rain started pouring the ground in the early morning and ended around in the evening. It's cold, and comfortable day for sleeping. Fell asleep twice in the office when i'm sitting, staring at the sky again, watching the rain silently.

The sky changes from clear to dark sky every few hours as the rain kept coming non-stop. Until the evening, the rain stopped. Tonight, the moon shines the sky with cool wind blowing. It's a calm feeling.

A few stars twinkling in the sky, showing you how beautiful the universe is.

God has spoken:
God didn't promise days without pain,
laughter without sorrow,
sun without rain.
But He did promise strength for the day,
comfort for the tears,
and light for the way.

A share of message for everyone. Thanks to my friend Garry. =)