Thursday, March 17, 2011


Is it me or is it the hit counter shoot up till 99,236??!!


Sunday, March 6, 2011


Few months passed and I don't remember how long I've not been updating my blog. It's dead! =.=

Anyway, thing have been just okay in Miri. Joined new church and still getting to know the people. As usual, I don't talk very well. Not face to face though. Haha...

KaiSeng, wanted me to update to I'll be updating a little bit. Cause nothing really happen in my life since I came back here.

Church was okay for now. Have been joining the cell group and trying to get to know more of the people. The church member are very friendly to me and I'm surprised that for the churches I've been, this is the best so far. Of course, I'm not judging about the other church of being not good. I'm just saying it's suitable for me. :)

Chinese New Year was awesome. Been spending a lot times together with my family since my sister is back together for reunion dinner. Lots of laughter and joke all around.

Jobs? I haven't really start to apply yet cause there's still things that I might need to settle. Some people might know about this. But, some don't know. So it's complicated. xD

I'm going to try to apply for one of the oil and gas company in Miri since one of my church member is in the company asking me to write-in. So, I hope my poor results doesn't scare them away. Haha~

Well, that's all I suppose. Anything interesting I will try to update more.

God bless everyone. ^.^