Thursday, July 22, 2010


Last week, Adam and I went to Ipoh and came back to Semenyih on Thursday. Went to Klang and came back on Sunday. It was a happening week! It was fun.

We did go-kart at Ipoh, and we were drifting! It was fun drifting on the corners!! Hehe!! And we had lots of food. Non-stop eating! It is fun trying out new food.

Klang's bak kut teh is nice! Especially the dry bak kut teh. Never did like bak kut teh back at my hometown Miri. But Klang's bak kut teh is a lot better.

There's too much of things on the trip. All I can say is fun and exciting!! xD

Today is one of the happening day too. Me, Adam, Audri and his brother went to KLCC for a stroll. Looking up to the tall buildings, I told myself that we should appreciate having to be able to walk and see the scenery. :)

Convocation is coming. Don't really looking forward to it that much. But, it's a blessing that I'm able to finish my degree although with my lousy results. Sigh. But, praise the Lord that I've overcome! :)

God bless everyone!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Which denomination are you? Catholic? Protestant? Which is better?

For what I think, is that every denomination is the same. We're all brother and sister in Christ. There's no such thing as I'm better than you or whatsoever.

There's only one Christianity in this world. If one would say his denomination is better, I'll just say "Your Christian, that's all. Don't make a fuss about it that your denomination is somewhat good".

If i offended anyone I'm sorry, but we're Christian. That is the only important thing.

Friday, July 9, 2010

It's the second week of July. Never know time so quickly pass by. At first, it was the church camp and ended few days later. Then, news of friends beloved ones past away.

Next week, me and Adam will be going to Ipoh for few days trip. Then, on the weekend to Klang. After that? ConneXion Conference, followed by convocation. A happening month.

Already applied for job, but still there's no reply from any of them. I was thinking if I should go back to Miri to help my dad while waiting for the reply. But, I still don't feel like going back yet because I don't find any joy there.

If I go back, I'll slack even more. Not going to church and stuff. Enjoying the good stuff back home is not what I wanted. I want to learn, involving in engineering company. Speaking of engineering, I never thought of this before.

Now, I'm very excited to work in an engineering company. Before this, I've never thought of it. The first thing I'll think is business. People tend to say, studies and work is two different things. I'm not sure about big companies if they needed to use what we've learnt.

Having to work now, really make me feel uneasy. Scared of being scolded, scared can't do well, scared of everything. Maybe I just think too much on negative more than positive. Argh~

I'll see how everything goes. I just hope to stay in KL to work on engineering related stuff before I go back to Miri. Pray that everything goes well. :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


A week where I heard bad news all around. Something happened back home, and church members beloved ones past away.

Death, it's a part of life. A life where you won't know what may happen the next day. Your happy today, doesn't mean you'll be happy tomorrow. Life is where you meet every single challenges for us all, to be stronger.

Having your beloved ones leaving the world, is the saddest feeling in the world. Dealing with this matter needs time to heal, and also to be stronger.

Seeing friend's dad past away, a friend asked me, "If this happens to you, are you ready to deal with this?" That makes me think, am I okay with it? I'm not sure.

Death is a part of life that we have to face sooner or later.

Everything that happens, God is in control. Are you ready to face the sadness?