Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I've been lazy to update my blog because of the works that I have now. Although, some of the time I do slack. But hey, at least I'm doing my work now.

Having to do the final year project presentation this week, it really does stress me out. I'm scared of what would the answer be asked, and will I do well for 15 minutes?

I rehearse a lot of time in the afternoon and a few times again at night. I presented around 14 minutes. This is quite dangerous as I'm worried of how I would explain. I'm nervous as it is my final year project.

Talking about how I did if of course I know what I did, but just that I don't do much research? But I do now, get a lot of informations already. For now, I'm just hoping I don't present overtime.

After presentation, I'm still worried because of the assignments. Honestly, I don't know what is happening in control and heat transfer classes. With much of my attention during the class, I am listening attentively.

I do understand some. But hardly to understand everything. This doesn't help in my assignments and yes, I need help. But, I felt uneasy of asking friends for help. As I've said, I don't know what is happening in the class and would they even help?

Anyway, important thing now is the presentation. Hope everything goes well.

God bless everyone. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

John 16:33

"I have told you these things,
so that in me you may have peace.
In this world you will have trouble.
But take heart!
I have overcome the world"

As the title, taken from John 16:33

Expecting more to come, but God is good even though bad things happens to you.

God loves you always and God bless you all.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Having not working hard enough is really regretful. With lousy results, I felt guilty for my parents. Saying regret now doesn't change anything. Deactivated my facebook out of the blue.

Hopefully that helps? Seriously, I get distracted, I mean A LOT. Would I even find any job with my current results? Been counting the marks and expected that I can't even get second upper.

I'm sure you all are laughing, but I'm fine with it because I knew how I did and slacked a lot. Now even getting 85% (assuming only) for my final year project, I still can't get second upper. How sad was that? Sigh....

Now, the point of this blog? No point at all. Just letting you all laugh at me. =.=

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Friends come and go?

Friends come and go if your realize it. There is always new friends coming along if your willing to accept them into your life. What about old friends?

Mindset changes people on how they wanted to live, or socialize. A little argument changes the relationship and it won't go back as it was before. What kind of friends do you want? Kind? Helpful? Funny?

As we get older, our ways of thinking changes. Do you still care for them as much as you have when you were that close to them before? Some do, but some don't appreciate of what you've said and done.

Is there any such word is "best friend" to you? For now, there's none for me. Do I care for some of them? Trying NOT to.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Actually, there's nothing to update for now. We're busy on FYP, and trying to read through the literature review. I'm not sure if it's enough but at least I'll get a few review to standby for my report.

Got results for my FYP already, and hoping it shows differences in the testings. Will be conducting a test next week and hoping it's the result that I wanted.

About myself? Nothing much lately and still slacking too much. Next week onwards, I wanted to study and try to do the assignments which is due soon. I hope I can do it. :)

God bless everyone. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. ^.^

Monday, March 8, 2010

Another random post again. I can't find myself a topic to start with. It's another new week ahead and I'm falling far behind for my final year project. I only manage to get a few data last week but it was better than nothing.

I can't really control myself from using the computers for facebooking. This is rather a serious matter for me because I tend to overdo something and forgotten what is important.

I might as well deactivate my facebook until I done my work. Saying is easy, but there's no discipline that can guide me through. It's my final semester and I should have do more studies than playing. Playing as in chill too much.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Update

Did my FYP again, and I got a little results. Doesn't show any differences in the sample but hoping the weeks to come I can get some different readings.

Had been thinking just now while play a little games on facebook. Trying to rest my mind from the stress. Sometimes I'm wondering, why do I even envy my friends who had a lot of stuff. PSP, high-end computers and so on?

Does even high tech stuff matters? I don't know about myself, but there's a lot of things that I wanted. Why don't I get one? No, I can't because I have to save money for myself. For emergency use. All the while I'm thinking of reducing my dad's burden.

Few of my friends are enjoying, with their "stuffs" while I'm just looking. Some even talk about having this and that and their father provide it for them. I envy them. And I know, I'm not suppose to envy anyone. That wasn't how God teach in the bible. Everything comes with the hard work that you've put into. But this is just temporary thoughts that I had. Nothing serious. Trying to revert back to of what I've should think. :)

I had another thoughts just now which relates to Christianity. Last 2 weeks ago, Uncle Rodney talks about how Christians should have concerns towards the people. There was this news on a little girl tried to save her littler brother who was still in the house that caught fire, and in the end both died in the flame.

I was thinking, what will happen to my family if my relatives on my mother side have the hearts of the little girl, trying to save the brother's life? Will my mom get better or will it be the same?

Uncle Rodney asked, how many of the Christian would even care or concern about each other? For me, none of "them" cared and I assumed that they don't really bothered about it. And yes, they might not able to help but does visiting each other hurts? Or even a call waste their time?

No moral support at all and all they do is to avoid. Those to read my blog, I wanted to ask, is this how Christian should act?

I listened to a conversation of 2 of my friends talking about atheist who will remember what a Christian do or did when the things that the Christian do is indeed for the atheist perspective view, is wrong and ask "Can the Christians do this?"

Sometimes I questioned myself too, is this how Christian cares or concerns by avoiding? So, being quiet is how they give moral support?

I do care for people by advising or tried to give moral support by encourage them if they have any kinds of problem. But now, I'm asking myself, should I even help? God said, love your neighbours and your enemies. Hm wait, I shouldn't question this to God because He is good all the time and I should question it to the fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Just a thought that I wanted to share. If this does offend anyone let me know. :)

God bless you all.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'm starting something for my FYP. But, still doing trial and error. Having carbide steel tool to mill stainless steel block is a headache because of it's strength and hardness. Can't even increase the depth of cut to 0.2mm, which is very very small already. Smoke came out, and its red hot temperature. I saw the tool turned red when the milling tool is going through the surface. That is dangerous that the tool might break half way of milling~

Eh? Why am I writing this? Never mind~ :D I'm happily explain here because I doing something today for my FYP. ^-^

I'm quite happy, at the same time stress. All the time of the milling, the friction producing screeching sound. This is what I'm scared of because the workshop technician might scold me or something.

But it went well and I've collected the samples. Colour changes for the chip and can be shown in the presentation.

Somehow I don't think I can get good results for my FYP. But, anyway I'll just leave it to God. I'll do my best and do what I can. Stressful and final year. :)

Weekend go jalan-jalan with the ConneXion gang. Photo shooting ~ Yeah!

*updates: DSLR is no longer with me and no photo shooting already. Sad....*

Monday, March 1, 2010

4 more weeks T_T

Super worried and stress now. Sometimes I even wonder, do I even have faith in God? Why do I felt so stress when every time everything doesn't go how it suppose to be? Am I questioning God's plan?

I really do sometimes, got carried away with what I think and what I do. Last week's bible study had me thinking about myself. Do I really have enough faith in God? If so, why do I worry so much?

A friend told me to start the report first while waiting for my workpiece to arrive. Yes, I'm trying to but somehow when I think about the workpiece I started to stress and not doing or reading everything over the literature review.

Why do we worried so much? No, I should ask myself that question.


I have to believe in God's plan and whatever the plan is, it's for my own good. Have to be optimistic and move on whatever things that I need to do now.

May God show me the way and hoping everything goes well.