Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Saturday, weekend. What would you do if you fed up doing the same thing everyday? Me? I ended up playing games, facebook and movie. -.-"

As usual, every morning i woke up early sleeping less than 8 hours. That's my routine night sleep. :p You know why i sleep less than 8 hours? Because my neighbour is renovating his house. Drills, and knocking on the walls.

Every single day, it's like an alarm clock for me. An artificial ones. Swt.. -.-"

Anyway, I'm not going to church this week. My sister is coming and i'll be staying at her place. She booked new condo here and i'll be checking her house later. Yay! I got a house to stay in KL! :D

Have fun to everyone that i know in church. I'll miss it. HeHe!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sorry for not updating my blog. Somehow I can't find anything to write in here. There's a lot of interesting stories around, but I just can't get any title for some post. I ended up doing other stuff.

Well, I just update what I wanted to say here. Somehow I wanted to talk about something here but in the end, I wrote this. -.-"

Great day ahead for this weekend to everyone. Have fun.

I know I won't. o.O

Friday, October 23, 2009

ConneXion Semenyih Night!

Just came back from the ConneXion House. We had ice-cream sundae night! But I came late because I was thinking of not going. But Kai Seng called so I went in the end. By cycling.

It was tiring!! Going to the ConneXion House wasn't that tiring, but going back to my house is really tiring. I'm forcing myself to cycle hard without stopping because it's quite late where the road is very dark. Only part of the road was lighten with the road light.

It's not that I'm scared of the dark. It's the people I'm scared of. I'm scared of people robbing me, and etc (Don't really want to mention bad things though. :p). I got sore knee and I can't breath properly. Man, I'm too weak in terms of my stamina. Had to change my lifestyle somehow.

Anyway, we had fun tonight where we're playing guessing a word game by using actions. It was hilarious. Everyone had fun tonight with all the laughters around. :)

God bless everyone. Good night. :)

Gabai Waterfall tomorrow!!! (Saturday, 24th Oct)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Assignments, project, FYP

Never thought the time passes so quickly. Fourth week of the semester already and mostly were focusing on my final year project. Doing some literature review for now. Yesterday me and my group were doing ProE for our group design project.

A mechanical durian opener. -.-

Sadly to say, there's a lot of constrain given by our supervisor. But that is good and we're trying to improve more on it. Hey, that's how design works. We keep designing our product until it satisfies our customer.

It's not easy though. Constrains!

Sometimes i had fun with the assignments, sometimes i hate them. :) But once it's all done, you'll felt relieved.

Anyway, it's just a random post. Nothing much to say too. Going for Gabai Waterfall this weekend with fellow friends in bible study group.

Good day ahead. =)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Internet is back!!

Yeah, it's Sunday and my house internet is working! I'm sure how I felt today but i felt happy. I don't really know how to express it in words.

It's my first time going to Baptist Church at Cheras today, and I am happy! It's not like how I felt before. Every time when some of my friends back at my hometown asked me to go to church, I rejected them.

Today, that's not how I felt. I'm happy. :D

Anyway, God is good all the time. And all the time the God is good. :) God bless everyone.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Final Year in Nottingham

I never did mention it to myself, that I'm in the final year for my degree. I'm lack of motivation when it comes to books, and notes. I got carried away with some other temptation, like Facebook, forums, Lowyat, YouTube, and some little games.

Recently I tried to get myself to sleep early between 12am to 1am. Well, it's midnight already so I won't consider this as early. It's just to prevent myself from falling asleep in the class whereby I need enough rest to keep myself awake in the next morning.

Since it's the final year here in Semenyih, I somehow do feel sad leaving here although it's months away before graduating. That is of course if I don't fail or something.

It's the same feeling when your leaving primary school and secondary school. I missed the old days. With friends around, we're all happy.

Anyway, it's the final year so good luck to everyone if it's their final year. (Why do i talk as if I'm leaving soon? -.-") Oh well, this is blogging. :D

Thursday, October 8, 2009


It has been a tired day for me. This morning, an early morning, I went to the sports complex for badminton with my course mate. I've never been playing badminton for quite some times already. 4 months to be exact.

Since summer holiday I've never thought of do any exercises when I'm helping my dad in the office. Honestly, what I thought was if I sweat from working at my dad's office I'll be okay. I'm just an office boy by the way, which sometimes it's a hard work because it involves heavy machinery parts.

But that wasn't the case, because after I tried playing badminton today I got tired after playing for just half an hour. My stamina dropped, A LOT!

Now I'm experiencing body ache and the tiredness, and somehow I felt my sentences are all weird. o.O

My racket string broke and ended up borrowing my friends racket. We manage to play a great game today. Well, I've missed a lot of ball though and felt a little bit sorry for Adam. Wahaha!

Overall, it was a great game. At least for me it is. :)


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sometimes, I'm just too quiet. Too quiet till some people think I'm a strange kind of person. I don't talk much. Hm.

Embarrassed myself in front of the people in the bible study group which I don't know what to show to everyone. Sad eh? :)


Sunday, October 4, 2009

One week in West Malaysia

One week passed quickly without you knowing it. It's my third year here in Semenyih. Nothing much happened except for myself stressed out for my final year project and the optional module that I'm taking this year.

Being quite worried for the final year project, or was it just me? Sometimes, I'm thinking about myself on how I'm going to go through all these stresses. Hoping that God show me the way.

I can't handle any stress for some reason, and that maybe because of my bad temper. I tried so hard to change, but I can't see myself improving. Maybe I'm too far away from God.

Yea, I think I am far away. This year I'm just hoping to finish everything early.

Hope it goes well. :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

ConneXion Semenyih

It's Friday and I've been invited to ConneXion in Semenyih by one of my coursemate Adam. I don't really know how to describe what does ConneXion do. Maybe my friend Adam can describe it to you once he updated his blog. I'm assuming he'll update his blog once he goes back home. HeHe.

Maybe I'll give an idea how does ConneXion works. It's basically a place where we brothers and sisters in the name of Christ gathered together to have fun, play, chit-chatting and many more. Not only we, but also everyone is invited. Today is the opening of ConneXion Semenyih and there are a lot of other members of ConneXion from Bandar Utama came, and there's others too which i don't quite remember.

That's what I had in mind to describe it, and maybe Adam will describe it better. We had our ice breaking ceremony by breaking the real ice, where a T-Shirt was freezed with water. We need to break the ice and wear that T-Shirt as soon as possible.

The ice was too hard to break, which everyone of us were banging the ice on the road. It was fun. :p

After that we prayed, and had our dinner. I was wondering around seeing and listening to people chatting. I was introduced to a friend which also came from Miri. What a small world it is.

Time goes by, and everyone played Mafia. I joined in as well. Eventually i came back home early, because the university's bus stop operating at 10.30p.m. So Shen Long, which is a member of ConneXion Semenyih fetched me back.

I came back too early, and i wanted to have more fun. HaHa. Never had any fun for a long time ever since i went back to Miri and came back here. I need to get a bicycle here so it's easier next time.

Hoping more to come for ConneXion. =)

God bless everyone tonight!