Friday, July 31, 2009


Just had another night with friends. This time i met an old friend of mine from the secondary school. He came out doing his own business already. Honestly speaking, i learnt a lot from him on the financial planning and many other little things too.

If you wanted to open your own business, there are a lot of things to consider. Everything involved money. Yes, it's all about money. Inflation rate in Malaysia kept increasing and according to my friend Billy, this year inflation rate is about 7%. That is a lot if your doing a small business.

Counting every side of income to cover every expenses, even spending on food doesn't count a small money. For example few decades ago, one packet of noodles cost RM1.00. With yearly increase of the inflation rate by counting 6% each year of 10 years which equals 60% of total inflation rate. What would be the pricing of one packet of noodles now? It's RM1.60.

Of course, when your looking at this small amount of pricing you won't see any big changes. But every single cent counts. RM10.00 of a small plate noodle, with increasing of 60% which would be RM16.00. That's an increase of RM6.00! How scary is that?!

Okay, inflation rate effects a lot in business. Having to earn RM6,000 per month sounds nice, but that is without deducting your monthly expenses. Lets say you have a girl friend who moved on together with you and planned to get married, you need to think about buying a house and a car.

With monthly loan from the bank, at least you need to pay RM2,000 above. Left RM4,000 WITHOUT deducting the salary of the worker and other small expenses. How much left? Assuming at least, RM2,000 for salary and small expenses you left RM2,000. Saving your own money for future, RM1,000 which left RM1,000 for yourself.

After listening to my friend, opening a business is not an easy job. Every little thing and every little cent needs to be counted clearly. Financial management is important. Sound boring eh? But this is the truth you need to face. Unless your just an employee just to wait the end of the month for the salary. I dare to say, even with your basic salary of RM2,000 you won't have enough left once your paying insurance and other stuff again.

We're still learning. Knowledge is important. We never stop learning after you came out of studying. Whatever you've learn in school or university, in the end you'll came out doing different thing than what you have learn. Everything starts from the bottom.

Having this little insight of financial management is good. I learnt a lot from him. Do you ever thought this far? Think for yourself.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Future Planning

Let's talk about future planning. Counting down our age, we're not kids anymore. Well, for some maybe. :p Since i came back 2 months ago, i have been thinking quite a lot on planning my future. How and what you asked?

For now, i'm just thinking of building my own business. That is of course a small planning for me. Who knows what will happen in the future that you might think or do differently. Most of you would think, "Oh, your just wasting your time" or "You? Doing business?" OR "Study first, think later".

Well, i admitted i thought too far already. Since, it's a holiday for me why can't i think of it first? It is better than you wasting your time doing something else. I'm not young anymore, well soon i'll get old too. I thought of myself, it's time to think about future already. I'm doing final year once i got back KL. Not over thought of something right? Maybe for some.

I had a night out with my friend just now. We're talking about future planning, how are we going to live through our life. Earning money, learning something new and etc. It's good sometimes when you have a discussion with a friend talking about how to earn money.

We talked a lot too about some other problems that we faced during the past years. Family problems, financial problems and etc. Talking about family problems, we all faced it before. My friend nearly fall in tears just now talking about his family condition. But each of us have this problems. :) We understand.

Now, we're all grown up already. Start to think maturely. For now, that's what i've planned. I won't know how my future will go. But this is what i wanted to do, that is my goal and hopefully to do something great too. :)

Friends, we're all here together to support. All the best to you on what your goal will be. Together we strive for our lives and live on as how we wanted.

Jokes of the day:
There are 10 fishes in a tank, one of the fish died. The question: Does the volume of the water increases or decreases?? Think of it and i'll tell you the answer on my next post. :)

Good night!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Wednesday and it's 1.06 AM

It's end of the month already. You would never know how time flies without you noticing what you have been doing for the pass 2 months. I came back for the second month already. You know what i did? I became office boy by helping my dad, eat and sleep. That's all.

I don't really go out much since most of my friends either they are working or studying overseas (KL). Well, this is the life. We were born in this world, went to school and uni, getting our degree(s), go out to work, looking for life partner (maybe not), getting married (or single for life), having children, responsible on children's life, getting older, getting disease (or natural death) and in the end your leaving this world.

I've pretty much summarized everything eh? Yeah, that is life. You won't notice it because time never wait for anyone. Do you ever stop and silently think of what you did for your previous decades of living in this world?

Life is great, full of laughter, anger, disappointment, happy, sad. Maybe for some of us we're just enjoying our lives doing what we're suppose to do.

Do you ever stay quiet for a few minutes and think back? I do. :) Full of happiness, sadness and full of regretfull mistakes. Life is great!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Movie: Harry Potter

I just went for a movie with my friends brother, where he called his 2 friends together. 2 of them are girls. Have seen one of them before, and the other one is just familiar face that I've seen somewhere.

Anyway, i didn't talk much as always. I'm not good in getting to know someone new. I did tried to think of something, but i'm just as boring as always. Unless it was someone that i'm closed to. I'm too quiet, or might as well called it shy eh? Oh well, that is me. The old me. :)

Made a crucial mistakes when i'm buying the tickets. I miscounted the number of people i'm going to watch with. I had to pay extra, thanks to James he paid the other half too. ( Sorry James. Will try to repay your kindness. Jom Coffee Bean. :p )

We watched Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. As always again, another great character died. It was the great wizard, Albus Dumbledore. Well, for me he is the greatest. Sadness struck when he died, the same scene where Sirius Black died. How could a great wizard like Dumbledore died? Sad.

Sirius Black died too quickly, and now Dumbledore the greatest wizard died. Oh ya, i'm don't read Harry Potter's book because it is was too expensive for me. I only followed the movie, although there's a lot of scene being cut off. That is why i'm asking, why is Dumbledore dead?

Sad as always, for now awaiting the next one The Deathly Hallows which will be out next year. For this blog, i'm will think of a way to make it interest. Sometimes i get bored with what i'm writting too. I'll see if i can post any pictures.

Friend is someone who cares.. Smile..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello again. :)

I'm going to continue my blog here again. Cheers. Hope that you guys will enjoy what i write for the futures to come. :)