Wednesday, June 30, 2010

End of June. Due to my laziness, I haven't started writing my resume. Thought of give it a go on Jobstreet websites but they need a resume.

Still, I'm not sure of how to write a resume. Was it suppose to be an introduction to myself? Bluffing of what you can actually do doesn't help i guess. Well, maybe that's what interview is for. Heh~

These few days have been helping the ConneXion House for the painting. Plenty of work need to be done. But it's good though. At least I'm doing something rather than staying in my room staring at facebook or other websites.

I get tired when I'm bored. That's when sleepiness comes. xD

Graduation day left few weeks to come. I'm not that excited with it. Because I'm still planning if I need to go back Miri or not. Sensing from how my dad spoke to me on the phone, he wanted me to go back and help him.

Some how, I don't feel like going back Miri. Because I see more things here in KL. Just that I'm not sure if I can handle the difficulties towards the job. For the moment there, I know I'm just scared of working. Not sure of how it will be.

How will the people there treating each other? How pressure that I will get? What target that I should get? What if I don't meet that target?

Plenty of stuff running through my mind.

I hope I can get the job here. It's not the time to go back Miri yet. I wanted to see more.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Painting day

ConneXion Semenyih did some painting today. Me, as well as 8 awesome brothers and sister from the US came together for the help.

At first purchasing the colour for the exterior wasn't that nice. But, it turns out great. ConneXion Semenyih goes green for the coming semester! Yeah~

Anyway, the new layout theme for the blogger was great too. Had it done with my style. Gloomy grey. xD

You guys should try it. It looks a lot better this time. Before that, it wasn't my style. Now I really do want to blog more. More on boring stuff I guess.

So, wanted to intro for my friends blogspot. Click here! She's just graduated at well in Interior Design. Furthering her master studies still. For her blog, she's doing an extra work to earn some money. So, do stop by at her blog.

Wanted to redesign your house interior? Look for her! Or contact me. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

CBC Church Camp

Just came back to Semenyih again today in the evening. Went for a trip to Cameron Highland for the church camp. First time participating, and it was fun. :)

Dragged to become the group leader, which I don't have any experience in leading. I can't lead I would say. I'm not smart either. We did well I guess. 3rd position. First timer, okay?

Still, getting to know new people is hard for me to start a topic. I did try though. During the discussion for the group presentation, we're kind of like enjoying too I think. They were laughing with some funny expression and jokes I did.

Well, it was fun for me. But I'm not sure about the others. The only thing I know being a group leader is to take care of them all. 3 kids are under me, so I have to make sure everything is okay for them.

I hope they enjoy themselves though. Being a leader, wasn't my style. And I'm bad in leading. An experience for me, so maybe I can improve next time. I don't even know if I'll be joining anymore though.

Anyway, met new friends and learn a lot of things especially about God. :) Nothing is greater than God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

God bless everyone. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer break

I just realized now that since the summer break started, I've spent only 2 weeks here. It's been like for a month already. I've never keep track on the time and the date.

Without knowing again, I've watched 2 Taiwanese drama series. Now, ongoing for the third. It was fun watching, laughter, sadness, etc.

This morning, I woke up and switching on the extension adapter and it turns out spoiled. Blah~

For now, I'm officially jobless. Still, I don't have the mindset of finding job now. Still waiting for my results, hoping for the best. As long as I don't fail, I'm fine with it. I know what result I would get, and worried that I can't find any jobs here in KL.

Worst come to worst I'll go back Miri, which I don't feel like doing so. I'll leave it to God, whether I'll be staying in KL or go back to Miri. Now, I'll spend my time playing first. Hoping that I can stay in KL to find a job. :)

God bless everyone.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

BHP Petrol Station

You know what? I take back my words again about the BHP Petrol Station.

Eric: The company told the workers not to open the door to anyone. They have to apologize as well.
Anonymous: Don't go around people blog posting the same comment!! Put your situation on the girl's shoe. How would you feel?

BHP Petrol Station should apologize, and to the worker, your too obedient! Can't you even think properly when the person already threw his IC at you?! Retards!!

My condolences for the girl's family.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


可是,没有事情的时候你当我是 “Hi bye" 那种朋友。