Thursday, October 28, 2010


2 weeks I'm back in Miri. Lack of updates here. Not happening much either. Just work and all. Still helping my dad around at the office. Were busy some of the times but also there's boring time.

Have been thinking about how would my life goes. Not sure when to go back KL, or stay in Miri permanently. Still waiting for the answer.

The church I went was okay. Not used to the Methodist style. Still, I love how it was done in the church I went in KL. Miss the friends in KL too. Also, frisbee. I hardly get any work out since I got back. Being in the office with work really makes me tired.

Once off office hour, went back home straight. Didn't go for any exercises. I don't even know who is in Miri. The other day I was holding this frisbee disk that I bought last year. I went to the backyard and threw. No one to play with. How sad.

Anyway, still deciding on my job here. Until something is settled maybe I'll consider going back to KL again. :)

ConneXion Semenyih, miss you guys a lot.

God bless!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Yesterday was in Semenyih, today I’m in Miri

So, finally the day where I’m going back to my hometown Miri. Honestly, it felt weird going back home.

Used to stayed in Semenyih already and I don’t really miss my hometown at all for the past few months. Maybe I’m enjoying too much here.

One part of the things that I enjoyed here was hanging out with the ConneXion Semenyih gang. Other than that, going to church and praising God. That’s what I’m enjoying the most.

Holy Spirit is working through us all, guiding the people around and telling them how Great Our God is.

In Miri, I’ve never been a permanent church member. You’ll either see me this week and probably not in the next few weeks. Now, I’m telling this to myself “I will serve God where ever I go”. Smile

Good luck to everyone on their starting of the academic year and hopefully I’ll see you all back here again. I started to miss everyone already.

It’s sad, but I have to go back seeing the condition, and depended on God. Whether I’ll stay in Miri or KL, I’m still waiting for God’s answer.

Love you guys always! Keep it up and spread the word of God! Smile

Monday, October 4, 2010

Last week in West Malaysia

So, it’s finally the last week in West Malaysia. Had a lot of fun with friend hanging out. Going to miss my friends here.

But of course, life moves on and I’ll see what’s coming next when I go back to Sarawak. Plenty of comfort zone in Miri, but one thing I hope is that I continue to go to church and also try to exercise more.

Church have been great, learn a lot of things and of course made a lot of new friends although I’m much older than the youth. Smile

Wanted to take this opportunity to thank my friends for guiding me all the while. I know it’s too early to write this but it’s been so long that I never update my blog.

And also, wanted to apologize for the emo-ness post earlier. xD

Of course, with God’s blessing I will see what comes ahead of me and thankful for that.

God bless everyone and hoping you all will do well in studies and career. Smile