Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Study week

Studying is always my weakness. However, I tend to learn more when there is discussion among friends. This is where I can learn more. When I ask questions, I learn from there.

Just that I know myself, I don't talk and always have been quiet. Scared to ask. But I've tried my best. Assignments done with understanding? Yes, I understand more when friends explains to me. I learn more things from friends rather than listening to lecturers.

One part of me still don't change. I'm too depended on my friends. If I'm alone, I'll studying blindly. Oh yes, I learn a bit but doesn't help much. Everyone have their weaknesses. Realizing now is too late because it doesn't change anything.

If I'm behaving this way, what will happen if I come out to the community? Sad eh? Haha... Anyway, today felt much better than the previous few days. But I still don't have the appetite to eat. Don't know why.

Fed up with the food. Last night ate one pear and chocolate milk. That's all. If I'm thinking of going to Connaught, I don't think I'll eat much. If that's the case I might as well don't go. :)

Well, see if everything goes okay and IF I'm hungry, I'll go. Probably won't i guess.

God bless everyone. Pray for each and everyone of you. Good luck to everyone on the coming exam. Let's make it the last effort and do well. (Talking to myself actually xD)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mixed feeling

Somehow, I have a mixed feeling now. End of year three. Sad, happy, and etc.

Sigh.... maybe that's why I'm restless... =.=

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Being very restless today. I don't know why.


Very restless........


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend with family

My dad came last Friday night together with my brother. My brother will be studying in Nottingham too, so my dad have to bring him here and at the same time have a walk around KL and Semenyih.

Had a great time with my dad. Talk about a lot of stuffs. Business, family, and more. My mom didn't come though, cause she said it's just a few days so she would come other time.

Had dinner with my dad, my sis, my sis's bf, my brother and my brother's gf. Wah~ All couple, and I'm the only single in the family now. How sad... Haha~ Jk! Nothing to be sad of. Cause I don't need any love as I have one from God. :)

If I'm given a partner yes, I will appreciate. If not I'll spend my life with God. :D

Nothing wrong with that right? When the time comes, it will come. Don't need to be so desperate for a partner. Just, be normal. :)

I really miss my home and my family now. Spending one day wasn't enough for me. My dad and I had a conversation yesterday and he told me to go back Miri to help. Somehow, I was thinking he really needs my help.

I don't think I can help much due to my lack of socializing with people. I don't talk much with the new person that I met. Or, I don't even talk at all. Even in the church, I only mingle around my uni friends. Sad huh?

Anyway, people learn everyday. At least I'm able to talk more than last time. I'm more to a quiet type of person. That is why I'm still single~ Wahaha!

Last assignment to go for the coming due on Thursday. Hope I can do it my own (I suspect I won't cause I don't know a thing about that module). But better than never try at all.

Praying for my dad on a safe journey back Miri. God bless him and everyone. ^-^

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hectic week

I'm still awake now, doing my assignment that is due today at 4.30pm. I have not rested since I came back to my room. I've only closed my eye for 5 minutes.

Mentioning this again doesn't change anything. I'm not fit for engineering. But it's my final year and I've to do my best. Counting on friends is not what I intend to do, but it seems that I've lost interest in study for years already.

Tired brain, can't think of anything to write on the assignments. Oh~ what could possibly go wrong again if I've faced this kind of difficulties.

Tired.... of... everything......

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Due date for final year project is this Thursday! Draft have been sent to my supervisor, but hopefully nothing much changes that I have to do.

Spent whole night doing it and slept at 3am. And, the assignment is a pain! I want to thank my friends that helped me. Adam, Nelson, Zi Jian and Eric.

Seeing my supervisor tomorrow for the FYP. Hope can finish everything by Wednesday.

I pray that God bless each and everyone of us, and guide us through the hectic week.

God bless everyone. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Assignments and final year project

Having to know that studying have taken 23 years and I was still not able to study well. That is quite an embarrassing thing to know. Maybe I'm don't have the interest in studying already.

Needed help from friends, which is something that I don't want to do. Yes, I wanted to try everything myself but that's my limit. I can't do further. I do know of myself that I'm tired of studying. And, I know not only me would be thinking of this.

Anyway, it was fun for the water war on the ConneXion Night. I don't exactly know what we are doing when the announcement was made on Wednesday Bible study night. The only thing that I know is, it involves water.

I don't really have the mood just now actually, because of FYP and assignments. But, enjoying for tonight won't do harm. The only thing is, I'll get less sleep. I might not sleep for the few days before the due date of the assignments and FYP next week.

Expecting it from the start already so, no more complains. :)

Nothing much to add, and I have to continue my work. Good luck to everyone for the hectic week ahead. God bless~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Can't do my assignment. Don't understand at all. Get zero better. Sad...



Saturday, April 3, 2010

It has been a stressful semester. Somehow, I don't know if I can pass some of the modules. I'm quite worried for my result now. Even in the presentation, I gave my best but then it's not how your presenting it to your lecturer. Is the amount of work that you have done.

I've been blast with questions regarding my work for final year project by the assessor, but it wasn't enough for them. All I can do is just give up and let them comment. Say more does not do good for me.

Yes, I don't have enough work so far. Yes, I didn't get any accurate results. All these are there for a reason, but we can't just tell it to them without any proof.

Yes, blamed myself for not doing enough work. Work has to be done but little troublesome matters at the back drags everything down.

If I protest, nothing will be done. Even if I ask for their help, they will just ignore us students. Their mood swings every time, and we students are the victim.

If it was easy, I've done all my work from the starting of second semester. Some do not know of the matter that we are facing. Matters like the technician, the equipment, and limitation.

Why do I even choose this title in the first place? And now I don't even know how to do my assignments after studying the notes. What worst may come?

I have the feeling, I will fail. Shame to myself for being stupid in studying. I want to give up. Sigh.....