Monday, December 6, 2010

Didn't really update my blog so much lately. Just that my life has been just boring. Nothing much is happening. Everything is just the same routine all the time.

Getting back to Miri is like sleeping. When you started to get comfortable, you don't feel like waking up to do something different. You'll just lay down on the bed, slacking.

Usually, I would get homesickness when I'm staying in KL. But I've found the life that I wanted there. I miss being there with friends.

Now, when I'm back in Miri I just don't feel like staying here. When you're somewhere out there but not in your own home, your parents would nag everyday on asking you to come back home. Then again, once you're back home, they also nag nonstop since they are talking in front of you.

I was like, what is this? I don't come back, you kept nagging asking me to come back. Now when I'm back home, you kept on nagging also. =.="

But all is fine, and I know it's for my own good. Parents do nag, and when you become a parent you will nag towards your children too. xD

Somehow, I just don't see the point of coming back in Miri other than seeing my parents. Even coming back here, I have to think about the personal problem in the family that I'm facing. Whatever happens, it will just make me feel miserable. Emo!

Things happened, and I asked my friend about this. Why do I have this kind of problem? It's not about once or twice, but for my whole life. But my friend told me this, "Count your blessings!".

One thing I'm happy of is, I get to meet up my old friends. Talk nonstop together and laughter. This is one blessing, this should be enough for now. In this life, be grateful and whatever happens it would be just a temporary matter.

Another thing is, about the church. Somehow, I'm not that happy about it. Just felt left out by the church members. My teacher, who is also the church member told me that everyone thought that I'm from KL. =.=

But of course, one of my biggest disadvantage is not being initiative enough to communicate. Recently, I've kept everything to myself. Somehow, my heart was 'closed'. I'm not that happy. But of course, I'm still in need of God's guidance.

Whatever happens for the days to come, I hope I'm able to go through it. With God's grace, I'm sure everything will be okay.

May God bless everyone! Make your life full of joy! Christmas is coming and let's celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Lastly, I miss speaking in English. xD