Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Unforgetable memory continue...

Yes, continuing from my previous post. This time it's on Friday at ConneXion House in Semenyih. We've planned to give a surprise for Trent on the video that we've made for him. :)
Christmas Tree in ConneXion House

I went early for that afternoon trying to help to prepare for the night. I didn't really help much though, but Kai Seng gave me a tasks on making a CD cover for Trent. Sadly, i didn't take the picture of the CD but i did mention it on previous post.

Taken by Audri

Trent wasn't at home that afternoon, which I heard he went to Midvalley with Nelson. We have the chance to finalizing everything before he comes back. We had Nelson with him and we would know when he'll be back. Chiaw Min went fetching both of them at Kajang train station. Audri was with her too, so we had extra people to inform us before they come back.

Sen Loong and his camera

I was with Legend on checking the video and giving opinion on everything he did. I had fun watching the videos and some were hilarious. HaHa! I finished the cover before Trent came back. Legend however, still editing the videos. So, we went into the other room to continue the work.

Trent playing guitar

I went out early as Legend finishes the editing. Most of them were preparing the food and drinks. I tried to help out, and eventually I was standing there and walk around. Sorry~ >.<>

Trent before watching the video :p

So, it's 8pm and we started our night after everyone reaches. We all had our dinner first, while enjoying the food, we all chit-chat among ourselves. Once everyone finished their dinner, we started our video. We told Trent that we'll be watching Ninja, a new movie which came out few week ago but what we actually did is showing the "Thank you" video first.

Emotional, and touching video =)

Some of us watched the video, and some were watching Trent. It was an emotional video, even myself cried. T_T But, that was nothing because it's the memory we're talking about. Trent too dropped his tears, but not sure about others. It was embarrassing for me to be crying. OMG!

Watching "Thank you" video

Audri's turn on the "Thank you" video

After the video, Nelson presents the CD to Trent. Everyone hugged Trent for the last time.

Nelson and Trent

Kai Seng and Trent

Sen Loong and Trent

Drake and Trent

Zi Jian and Trent

Maurice and Trent

Osama and Trent

Sarah and Trent

Strong Isaac and Trent

Hannah and Trent

Tung and Trent

Ann and Trent

Chiaw Min and Trent

After all the hugs, each of us took a picture with Trent. Everyone poses and it was fun. :)

The iTouch gang

Trent posing as Adam as he went early for Christmas practice

Kai Seng and Trent (What's with the bag? HaHa!)


Me and Trent

Ann, Trent and Tung

Shen emo-ing :p

We had our group photo before Sarah and Hannah went back. We had a lot of fun time together.

Serious group photo

Will be updating again. Looking towards for tonight's bible study as Trent will be back for gift exchange. It'll be his final farewell gathering.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Unforgetable memory

It's been fun for the past few weeks. Having Trent as our bible study teacher for every Wednesday was fun. All in all, I learnt a lot from him. Getting to know God, frisbee, and story back in Mississippi, in the US. :p

Hands in for Group cheer!

Frisbee was fun actually, running hard to catch the disk. I haven been so active for quite some time for sports. The only sports I play is badminton. After frisbee, I got body ache. Muscle cramp and tired. But it was all fun. Muscle pain is where you stretch your muscle and it can built muscles. :D

Line up for the first match

Before the actually competition, we had our practice. Every Sunday at the uni's sport complex. Being called a Mashimaro (rabbit) was frustrating because I can't sprint like a rabbit. Haha! Just kidding.

Trent lecturing us, for not doing well :p

I had my badminton shoes for the competition. I thought it would be sunny before the competition. In the end, the field was soak with water and it's muddy. I can't run well because it was slippery. Blame myself for not buying outdoor shoe. Badminton shoe was meant for indoors. Not outdoor! The shoe spoiled now, and somehow it's worth it.

Trent's frustrating look? :p

First match was horrible, because our team are fighting against the best frisbee team. They had their strategy, and we're all clogged together not sure where to run, not sure what's the best way. We didn't really train much though.

Stretching before the game

Most of the goal were by Nelson, Trent and Audri. And also Drake. Some weren't running well as mentioned by Trent, they're looking on the ground and not the disk. HaHa! Actually, since it's muddy it would be slippery. But i guess, playing frisbess is to get all wet and muddy. Doing layout on the muddy field looks fun, for those who likes doing it.

Audri with his sprain ankle

We won the second match though, and the final match. I sprint more for the final match because I borrowed Audri's shoe. There's more grip on the ground and I tried my best to get to the goal. I goal once, and it's very tiring because of my bad stamina. During the match, something happened. Ann's iphone got stolen. Some of us were little bit down and tried to search for her phone. Maxis can't help, and it's just like that. Poof~ Gone. The third match was bad. Some got scolded, shouted at. But it was nothing because we know the intense feeling for us to win. We're fine with it. And at least everyone had fun.

ConneXion Semenyih!

I had fun, we had fun. We got 7th place, and it wasn't too bad for me because we only had like 2 real practice on the field.

Trent smiling :)

It's great having Trent with us here in ConneXion Semenyih. Honestly, it was the most enjoyable year for me as I'm in the final year now. I remembered the encouragement gave by Trent, "Run rabbit run!!" HaHa! It was hilarious.

The above picture was the CD cover we did for Trent! By Me! Yay~ :D

I tried taking photos, creating a memory for ConneXion gang using Nikon D60, which was borrowed from my sister. I learnt to take pictures, I learnt photography from Sen Loong. It was fun too.

Kai Seng emo-ing.. :p JK!

We had dinner after the game, but Trent wasn't with us because he followed the other car. Had a full dinner and we went back home to ConneXion house first.

After dinner

We did a video for Trent, which we kept it secret from him. Because we wanted to show him our appreciation that he teaches us in bible study and had a great fun together!!

Audri singing "Sentuh Hatiku" as one of the background song in the video. :)

Click the link below to watch the video that we did for Trent. :)

Part 1 and part 2 is the Thank you video from each and everyone of the ConneXion house members. The Goofball song was done by everyone too. (Thanks to Kai Seng for the upload)

More update soon (If i get a good internet connection to upload the pictures. :D)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Life and Family

Life is just too short. Little by little, days by days passing by. We just don't spend enough time with our family.

Family is all we have. It can't be replaced with money. It's even more valuable than money. Even if you earn millions in a month, do you have the love? Do you have a family? It's pointless having such big amount of money without "anything" which is rare. There's only one family, and none can replace that.

Parents, brothers and sisters. Appreciate the moment you are with them. If it's unavoidable, at least make one call back home and go back visit and stay for few weeks.

The bond is always there, and you can't break it. Nothing can replace that bond. Facing the pain of a lost ones is cruel. That is where you have to appreciate them, even if they punch you in the face, or kick you out of the house.

Praying for those to lost their family members. Be strong! God will always be there for you! God bless!