Sunday, November 7, 2010

Had a chat with friends tonight. Felt that I'm back in KL. xD

Really missed the time in KL though.

Today after Sunday service, I went for refreshment and had a fellowship together with new people. Honestly, I don't really felt at ease yet. I'm still trying to adapt.

And it's also the first time after a month, the Pastor came talking to me. :)

He intro to me a group leader of a cell group and exchanging numbers together. Still, in the church now I only know 3 to 4 people other than my teacher and her son.

Let see how it goes for the month to come.

Job hunting has currently stopped and I'm still looking forward to return back to KL. Had just applied for Shell this afternoon. Just trying my luck on it for now. :)

God bless everyone. :)


kaiseng said...

miss ya in semenyih!!=)

kaiseng said...
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ç£@Réñ©€ said...

God Bless, Chris. I hope everything will work out fine for you. =)

Chr|zz ^_^ said...

kaiseng: xD
clarence: thanks.. hope you're doing well too.. hehe