Saturday, October 1, 2011

1st October 2011

A day left in Miri where I'll be going to an oil palm mill to work. Yes, I'm hired but it's not permanent since it's a 6 months probation.

So, I won't be able to online or do whatsoever on my laptop other than watching movies that I've downloaded. A mixed feeling really, at once I'm feeling excited going but I'm nervous in a way too because it's been a year since I've graduated and not dealing with engineering work since.

It'll be a challenge for me and hopefully I can do what I can or know. Dealing with people is another thing.

So yeah, at least it's a new start now with the hope of liking the job and the people there. My heart tells me otherwise. Anyway, I'll do what I can.

It's 2 hours drive from Miri town, so it's quite a far into the jungle area. Well, probably not a jungle but a flat plantation. Maybe I'll be back every weekend, which I hope it will be. Hah~

Even if this blog is dead, at least I'm updating it before it really goes dead forever now. Who knows I'll be blogging back again during the weekends. Maybe not so often though.

May God lead me through this job of mine. =)

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